5 Memorable Characters Introduced in Star Wars Comics


Since Darth Vader’s charismatic supporting character, Dr. Aphra, is getting her own solo comic, now feels like a fun time to recall some of the most striking Star Wars characters… who never appeared in any of the movies. From morally ambiguous Jedi to glorified extras to the living embodiment of the Dark Side, these names all debuted in the pages of comics first. Some have had more noteworthy runs than others, but they’ve all still stuck in our memories, for better or worse. Give them a look, and consider whether any of them might deserve their own book, too.


A relic of a more whimsical era of science fiction, when the Expanded Universe was still getting a sense of how it would work (long before it was even called the “Expanded Universe,” actually). Jaxxon is exactly what he looks like: a six-foot-tall green rabbit space pirate. Meant to bring Bugs Bunny’s streetwise sensibility to the long-ago, faraway galaxy, Jaxxon is hired by Han Solo to protect some peasants in a Seven Samurai-style mission. He tags along for a few more adventures, but hasn’t been seen for decades. Jaxxon has been popping up on some variant covers recently, though.

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