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Hello again, fright fans! It’s your old pal the Die Master with some fiendish fables from the boils and ghouls over at Inkshares. Inkshares is a crowd-funding platform dead-icated to helping authors turn their dreams (and nightmares) into books they can hold in their hands. The website features forbidden tomes from every genre that can be brought to life by the mad scientists of the Internet. With Halloween around the corner, the brains at Shriek and Sundry asked me to carve off a few suggestions from the books that other creatures have hacked… excuse me, I mean backed.

Dracula Vs. Hitler

By Patrick Sheane Duncan

Out first terror tale comes to us from Patrick “Pain” Duncan, who mixes one of the biggest wars of all time with one of the biggest horror novels of all time. Dracula Vs. Hitler features a showdown between one of the world’s most famous monsters… fighting Count Dracula in Romania. Van Helsing unleashed Drac in a read that’s oozing with inspiration for fans of the the original novel or GMs preparing to run the Dracula Dossier. It goes best with a nice, juicy stake!

An Unattractive Vampire

By Jim McDoniel

Our second frightful feature is a twisted tale about an ancient monster returned to the modern day to find things even stranger than he remembers. An Unattractive Vampire finds Yulric Bile, the Curséd One, aka the Devil’s Apprentice, aka the Thousand Year Old Vampyr, rising in a world where vampires aren’t nearly as scary as they once were. Yulric’s got to deal with being mistaken for different monsters and asked why he doesn’t sparkle. It’s enough to kill a guy… if he wasn’t already dead!


By Gary Whitta

Our final twisted tale comes to us from a Hollywood scream-writer turned novelist. Gary Whitta is best known for films like The Book of Eli and his work on The Walking Dead games by Telltale. Abomination is a tale full of noble knights, corrupt priests, and a monster that truly puts the dark in Dark Ages. I normally don’t go for hysterical fiction, but I really felt like I was learning something while peeking through my fingers!

That’s all for this round of our recommendations. Happy Halloween to us all, and to all a good fright!

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