McCall’s Adds FATALE, ROVE And STASH Cosplay Patterns To Their Lineup



McCall’s has informed us about the latest wave in their lineup of cosplay patterns. Presenting FATALE, ROVE And STASH:

M2083 Fatale. This pattern has 4 Easy Accessories-a Crown and Collar for a Mad Queen, Shoulder Armor fit for any fantasy character and cool leggings to complete a Steampunk or Burlesque ensemble.

M2070 Rove- This versatile design for Bolero Jackets has 6 different variations of collars and sleeves. This is great for so many cosplays; Anime, Gaming Characters, Steampunk and Diesel Punk. Mix and match any of the elements provided in this package.

M2071-Stash. Even Super Heros need to be organized. This pattern offers a collection of pouches and two belts to mix and match according to your character’s needs. Depending on what fabric is used this design can be used from Sci-Fi to Steampunk.

Take a closer look at the designs in the slides.

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