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3 Underrated Anime Classics Worth Seeking Out

As the live-action Ghost in the Shell remake drops teasers, the dialog about anime being at the cutting edge (and movies years being behind that edge?) ignites anew. Of course,…

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One Punch Man Episode 11 – Review

We finally have a worthy challenger for the heroes of Earth. We also get to see what the past villains (who weren’t punched to smithereens) are up to with their…

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One Punch Man Episode 10 – Review

One Punch Man wastes no time, we’re jumping into the next mega level threat right after the Sea King was defeated. More dangerous threats continue to make arise across the…

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3 Cyberpunk Anime To Watch After Ghost In The Shell

After an unorthodox blitz of micro-teasers, otaku have finally gotten to see ScarJo in action as “the Major” in Ghost in the Shell‘s forthcoming American remake. As is to be…

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One Punch Man Episode 12 – Review (Finale)

Well, this has been a fun ride, but unfortunately, One Punch Man comes to an end today! While Saitama is dealing with the big boss off screen (at least for…

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