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Overwatch’s Sombra Got An Official Cosplay Reveal At Blizzcon

When Blizzard revealed their newest Overwatch character, they made sure she made one hell of an entrance. Not only was she revealed online, Sombra was also introduced to the world…

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Ryan Reynolds Warned Fox That Fans Would Hate X-MEN: ORIGINS WOLVERINE

During a recent interview with GQ, Ryan Reynolds talked about his long road to Deadpool. He revealed some interesting behind-the-scenes details about some things that went down between Reynolds, Fox,…

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DC Writer Confirms Wonder Woman Is Queer (And Always Has Been)

Representation is a newly emerging element to comics. With the modern female Thor, Young Justice‘s Latino Blue Beetle, and the depiction of an African-American Deadshot in Suicide Squad, we’re staring…

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Why Batman’s Anarky is More Relevant Than Ever

If you hadn’t noticed, America is kind of a mess right now. With a looming presidential election, domestic and international threats of terrorism, police brutality, and constant political corruption, there’s…

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