The Perfect Podcasts To Set the Spooky Mood This Halloween


It’s getting closer and closer to Halloween! While you’re busy putting the final touches on your costume, carving pumpkins, and nailing down those final details for the perfect Halloween party, you need something to help get you in the spooky spirit. Sure, you could watch a scary movie or campy Halloween flick, but it’s 2016, and it’s all about the podcasts now, kids. So what are some killer podcasts for you to get into this Halloween season? I’m so glad you asked…



If you haven’t yet jumped into the podcast Lore, now is the time. Each episode is usually 30 minutes or less, and tells the true stories behind some of your favorite ghost stories, urban legends, and some of the craziest tales humanity has collected over the years. It’s like host Aaron Mahnke says, “sometimes truth is more frightening than fiction.” With episodes that range from unsettling to terrifying to simply baffling, Lore’s got something for everyone. Plus, this podcast is on the cusp of huge things. Not only is it simply a rad podcast, but it’s also getting turned into a TV show. What better time to jump on the Lore bandwagon than Halloween?

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