Where Will Snapchat Spectacles Be Sold?


Approach it from the side and you might mistake Snap Inc.’s new Spectacles vending machine for a sleek, yellow refrigerator.

But make no mistake. The weird vending machine is SnapBot, which will travel across the country selling the company’s first hardware product: video-capturing glasses. The vending machine will first sell the $130 sunglasses in Venice Beach, near Snap Inc.’s headquarters. Two spectacles are limited per customer. They come in coral, teal and black.

A video posted on Twitter from entrepreneur Ross Sheingold shows a line developing across from the beach around Speedway and Sunset Ave.

In an echo of the application’s disappearing photos, the pop-up vending machine appears for about a day in locations revealed 24 hours earlier. Snapchat has a map that shows Snapbot’s location. To find out whether a SnapBot dropped near you using the Snapchat app, you must have Location Services on to see the Spectacles GeoFilter, according to CNet.

According to reports on Twitter, the Snapbot had to be reloaded with the sunglasses.

SnapBot customers can try on the glasses virtually from the machines using a circular display similar to Snapchat’s augmented reality filters. The Spectacles website also has a QR code that allows you to try on the Spectacles.

Spectacles shoots 10 seconds of video and has a 115 degree angle, reflective of a person’s normal field of vision, according to Snap Inc. The company says customers will only be able to buy Spectacles through its vending machines.

Snapchat debuted Spectacles at the end of September when it rebranded itself as Snap, Inc.

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